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Kemerovo regional scientific library
named after V. D. Fedorov

Educational services

The center for digital literacy on the basis of the State budgetary culture institution "Kemerovo regional scientific library. V. D. Fedorov" has a population of advice on computer literacy since 2003.

In twelve years of existence, the consultation center received more than 13,000 representatives of different social groups with different levels of knowledge in the field of information technology.

The center works with different categories of users: students, pupils of secondary schools, professionals, pensioners, children-orphans and children from socially disadvantaged families, persons with disabilities, the unemployed.

In 2015, educational activities, implementation of additional educational programs conducted on the basis of a License issued by the State service for supervision and control in education of the Kemerovo region.

From 2019 on the basis of issued licenses, training programme professional development of library employees.

Component of a successful learning center is a comfortable size of the classes. Classes are conducted in small groups, allowing you to give attention to each student.

Users who have successfully completed the program and passed the final test knowledge, a certificate/certificate of professional development standard pattern.

The mode of operation of the center:

Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 19.40
Saturday, Sunday: 10.00 - 17.40
Day off - Friday.

Entry to the training is on the basis of an application filed on the phone 44-18-66.

The cost of educational services established in accordance with the price list of the State budgetary culture institution "Kemerovo regional scientific library. V. D. Fedorov". For seniors and persons with disabilities discounts.

Price list for educational services

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