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Kemerovo regional scientific library
named after V. D. Fedorov

About the library

Legal name: State budgetary cultural institution "Kemerovo regional scientific library. V. D. Fedorov" (short - GBUK Kemon them. V. D. Fedorov)

The founder ofthe Department of culture and national policy of Kemerovo region

Regional scientific library of Volkova square of the regional center — the Central library of the region.

The library was founded in 1920 as scheglovskaya city library.

Today, the Kemerovo regional scientific library. V. D. Fedorov — the largest library of Kemerovo region for the funds, the amount and availability of services, the regional center for bibliography and reading promotion, a Treasury of the best samples of domestic and world culture.

In March 2013 the library has the Kemerovo regional center of the Presidential library. B. N. Yeltsin with access to the resources of the Presidential library, which is available to any resident of the Kemerovo region for free.

Annually the library is visited by over 300 thousand people, increases the virtual service of users, expanding the range of services.

A subject of special pride — rare books: lifetime editions of the classics of Russian literature, books on the history of Siberia development, reference and periodicals VXIII-XX centuries.


State budgetary cultural institution "Kemerovo regional scientific library. V. D. Fedorov"

Russia, 650000, g. Kemerovo, ul Dzerzhinskogo 19
Admissions Director: (3842) 44-18-50

Phones for inquiries: (3842) 44-18-80, 44-18-58, 44-18-57.

E-mail: sekretar@kemrsl.ru, biblioteka@kemrsl.ru

Appointment of Director on personal matters: every Thursday from 15.00 to 16.00. Record by phone (3842) 44-18-50.

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