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Kemerovo regional scientific library
named after V. D. Fedorov

Dance group "Tatiana 50+"

The event was held on the

Dance group "Tatiana 50+" exists in the city of Kemerovo in may 2015. Created for older people (50 years old) wishing to learn to dance ballroom, historical dance, brighten your free time, participating in the festivities of the city, balls-reconstructions, festivals of creativity of the veterans, summer dances under a wind band at outdoor venues.

In the Kemerovo regional scientific library im. V. D. Fedorova classes of the team are from October 2017. At the disposal of the dancers provided Fedorovskiy hall and rich information resources about the history and culture hold balls of yesteryear.

Dance meetings are held every Wednesday from 13-00 hours, which can come everyone.

"Dancing not only never too late, but useful" - convinced the head of the dance collective "Tatiana 50+" Lagutova Tatiana. The library supports the plans of wise people to dance, to perform and to popularize the historical ballroom dancing and invites you to dance see you soon in Fedorovskiy room.


 Inquiries by phone: 44-18-83

Guseva, Marina G.,


Lagutova Tatiana, 8-913-322-48-94

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