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Kemerovo regional scientific library
named after V. D. Fedorov

New event

Start Date: 01.02.2020
End Date: 25.12.2020
Category: Exhibitions
Venue: Chital'nyy zal otdela bibliotechnogo kraevedeniya
Expected audience: Svobodnye posetiteli
Number of participants: 110
Age Limit: 12+
Phone responsible: (3842) 44-18-64
Responsible: Daunaras Galina Vasil'evna

The list of filters on TV, delimited and and OR. The delimiter specified in the parameter &tvFiltersOrDelimiter represents the logical OR condition, and it the conditions are grouped in the first place. Within each group, you can specify a list of values, separated &tvFiltersAndDelimiter. Search values can be performed in any particular TV, if it is provided "myTV==value," or in any "value". Example call: &tvFilters=`filter2==one,filter1==bar%||filter1==foo`. Please note: the filter uses the LIKE operator and the "%" character is a metacharacter. And again, the Search is for values that are physically located in the database, i.e., it does not substitute default values from the settings of the TV.

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