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Kemerovo regional scientific library
named after V. D. Fedorov

Announcement of seminars

Announcement of seminars for October 2019.

05.10.2019 10.30

Workshop "Features of your laptop"

The workshop will cover features laptop settings, users will learn how to work with the gadgets in Windows how to connect wireless Internet, etc.

06.10.2019 10.30

Seminar review "Helpful Internet resources for retirees"

At the seminar students will become familiar with useful websites on pensions, benefits, health, Hobbies, from crafts to country tricks, and will also consider sites generated by the active retired.

12.10.2019 10.30

Seminar review "online services for placing advertisements about goods and services"

The seminar will feature online services which allow you to submit classifieds (Avito, Julia, etc.).

13.10.2019 10.30

Seminar-review "Portal Gosuslugi.ru"*

The purpose of the workshop: learn how easy and affordable to use the portal, the state portal, including viewing of relevant information about the availability of a tax debt, traffic fines, state retirement accounts, etc.

19.10.2019 10.30

The workshop "Preservation of information on removable media"

At the workshop the participants will consider ways to preserve the graphic, textual and audio information to various devices of information storage.

20.10.2019 10.30

Workshop "create the simplest of spreadsheets in Excel"

During the seminar students will become familiar with the basic tools to create a simple spreadsheet.




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