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Kemerovo regional scientific library
named after V. D. Fedorov

75 years of Victory

Virtual exhibition dedicated to the battle of Rzhev 1942-1943, "I was killed near Rzhev..."
In the virtual exhibition are presented materials about the fierce fighting around the perimeter of the Rzhev-Vyazma bulge (1942-1943), as well as the literature on this topic, from the Fund of the Kemerovo regional scientific library. V. D. Fedorov.

Electronic collection "Family chronicle of war"
The collection of documents from the personal archives of residents of the city of Kemerovo, the purpose of which is to preserve the historical memory about the great Patriotic war through the collection and placement on the project site personal and family stories of the war generation. The collection is created in collaboration with urban veterans ' organizations, school museums and archives of the city of Kemerovo.

Virtual exhibition dedicated to the heroism of the residents and defenders of besieged Leningrad,
"Was the front city, the blockade was..."
The exhibition presents information about the military blockade of Leningrad which lasted from 8 September 1941 to 27 January 1944 — 872 days. Here you can find information about the books of the Fund ONB them. V. D. Fedorov on this topic.

Events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory

Facts about the great Patriotic war

January 27, the library held a Grand event "Read "the Blockade book"

Photo exhibition of Kuzbass-full gentlemen of order of Glory "Remember the names of those who in eternal ranks"

We invite you to a ceremony "Read "the Blockade book" dedicated to the Day of military glory of Russia

Exhibition of old Newspapers "Leningrad. Blockade. Feat."

The virtual exhibition "was a city-front, was the blockade..."

A project to preserve the memories of Kuzbass-participants of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 "Family chronicle of war"

"27 January is celebrated annually as the international day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust"

"900 days of courage. The blockade and its heroes"

Book exhibition "was war, was a Victory..."


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